Ten Ways To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Why worry about getting twice as many people to visit your site, when it can be far easier to double the number of sales from the people already visiting? Here are 10 ways to improve your website conversion rate.
What is a Conversion Rate?

Your conversion rate is a measure of the number of potential customers that go on to buy. In the context of a website, it is usually the percentage of visitors that make a purchase. Many websites concentrate solely on increasing the number of visitors they have, when often they have fairly simple problems with their site that, if solved, would have a huge effect on their conversion rate and improve their site’s bottom line at minimal expense.

Improving a website conversion rate can be relatively simple. Here are 10 techniques for doing just that:

10. Make The User’s Life Easy

Let’s start with something that sounds simple, but apparently is too complex for many companies to get right. The more difficult you make your web site to use, the less people will buy from you…

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